Army Research Labs

Army Research Lab

If you would like to attend the seminar, and/or meet with an ARL representative, sign up here!

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Computational Sciences
  • Information Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Materials Research (including Energetic Materials)
  • Energetic Materials Research- “ARL’s energetic materials research includes chemical synthesis and formulation, molecular dynamics simulations, computational chemistry, ignition and combustion studies, and propulsion physics. This research supports critical developments in gun, rocket, and missile weapons technologies.”
  • Lethality Division- Looking for possible collaborations with experts in detonation physics- Contact Conrad Monson (, 2-7722) if interested

  • We will also learn about ARL West’s (Playa Vista, CA) technical focus areas, which include:
    o Human Information Interaction
    o Contextual Analytics
    o Hybrid Human Interfaces
    o Integrated Analysis and Assessment
    o Joint Human-Agent Decision Making
    o Cybersecurity
    o Embedded Processing
    o Intelligent Systems

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