NSF Mentor Volumes
    The Research Development group has hard copies of guidelines for preparing NSF proposals (e.g., NSF Mentor Volumes). If you would like to view the volumes, please contact the Research Development group at resdev@byu.edu or call Conrad Monson at (801) 422-7722.
    The links to the right provide information about NSF grants. In many fields (mathematics, computer science, social sciences), the NSF is the major source of federal funding. Awards go to individuals, groups, research centers, and instrument purchases.
    The NSF conducts a semi-annual grants conference that provides an overview of NSF proposal procedures, policies and policy updates, funding directions and details about each directorate’s funding priorities. Information from the conference is a great resource for anyone submitting proposals to the NSF. The link to the right provides access to the presentations that were part of March, 2013 conference.
    Other Guides to NSF