The BYU Graduate Studies Office (GSO) supports the Graduate Mentoring Assistantships that
are intended to provide funding for graduate students to mentor undergraduate students in scholarly
work. Each college has the responsibility to create their own guidelines and deadlines, and to
provide a rank ordered list of proposals to the GSO, who then makes final funding decisions. A
summary of GSO requirements and guidelines for the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering &
Technology are provided below.

ELIGIBILITY Faculty in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering & Technology PURPOSE Support
graduate students to mentor undergraduates in scholarly work FORMAT Up to 3 pages plus budget
and references

Proposals should include a clear, coherent, concise description of the scholarly project; explain
how the award will enable students to deepen their understanding of the truths of their discipline;
describe how graduate students will mentor undergraduates; describe how the funds enable the
project, and the distinctive features enabled by the funding if done in conjunction with other
projects; list expected outcomes, and provide a detailed project budget

BUDGET Up to $15,000 in direct support of the project, including student wages, project-related
supplies, and mentoring-relevant travel
DURATION Up to one year from when the funds are awarded
DEADLINE December 1
SUBMISSION Send proposals to Larry Howell, associate dean, at

The Graduate Mentoring Assistantships are intended to:
Support scholarship that meets the highest standards and the vision for Inspired Learning
articulated by President Worthen
Assist faculty to mentor graduate students who in turn mentor undergraduates
Enable students to participate in extraordinary and even life-changing scholarly projects Provide
students opportunities to demonstrate maturity, initiative and independence

October 4, 2017