In addition to activities that support STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) educational initiatives, Broader Impacts can include activities that promote participation of underrepresented groups in STEM; enhance infrastructure for research and education; improve understanding in science and technology; and benefit society in general. The links below provide information about writing Broader Impact statements.

NSF Broader Impacts
    The link provides NSF guidelines for writing Broader Impacts descriptions.
BYU Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) Broader Impacts Initiatives
    The TEE program within CE&T’s School of Technology trains students to become high school teachers in engineering and technology. TEE efforts to develop curricula and teaching methods are closely aligned with Broader Impact requirements. Use the link to the right to read about potential collaborations with TEE that can help create substantive Broader Impact activities for research programs.
Broader Impacts and Community Outreach at BYU
    A summary of programs and regular activities at BYU.