Reviewers will quickly determine whether or not they like a proposal. Therefore, it is critical that your proposal catch reviewers’ interests as soon as the review process begins. The resources provided below describe techniques to make your proposal interesting and compelling so it will stand out in the minds of reviewers.

    The papers “Crafting a Winning Title” and “Crafting a Sales Pitch” describe how to sell a proposal using an effective title and writing techniques such as grabbing the readers attention by laying out the problem (“Who Cares”), stating the solution and creating a vision (“So What?”). The paper “Toot Your Own Horn” discusses ways that scientists can recognize and improve the things they already do to market ideas and proposals.

    A PowerPoint presentation about making proposals more compelling can be accessed via the link to the right.

    A paper by Robert Porter “Can We Talk” provides guidance for initiating and conducting conversations with program officers and program managers from funding organizations.

    A presentation by David Long and Randy Beard describing an effective process for preparing technical presentations can be accessed via the link to the right.

    The link to the right accesses a presentation from In4Grants for developing and writing competitive proposals. The presentation uses an NIH proposal as an example but the principles described – know your competition, what the agency is looking for, etc. – apply to any funding organization