Proposals funded by Federal Agencies are part of the public record and available for review. Several proposals from each of the colleges are available for review as are several proposals from other universities. Follow the links below to get access to these proposals. Hopefully, at least one of these proposals will be similar to the type you intend to submit.
Successful proposals submitted to NIH from BYU
Successful proposals submitted to NSF from BYU
Various Sample Proposals
    This collection should be seen as “sample” proposals and not necessarily “model” proposals. In reviewing them, keep in mind that some are dated and do not necessarily reflect current funding priorities and proposal requirements of these same grantmaking agencies. Nevertheless, sample proposals are a source of ideas; sometimes they point out things you may want to emulate in your proposals, and other times they illustrate qualities you wish to avoid.
NIAID Proposals
    The link accesses the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website providing examples of proposals NIH R01, R21, R21/R33.