The links below access general resources and information about research funding. For additional support from the Research Development group, email or call Conrad Monson at (801) 422-7722.

For New Faculty
    The links to the right include access to a downloadable guide for new faculty interested in starting a research program. Although the steps – plotting a long-term research strategy, understanding your institutional procedures, finding mentors, etc. – are tailored for new faculty, the process described in this guide is useful for anyone developing a research program. Likewise the guidance in the UC Berkeley link “New to Grants and Contracts” describes the process for finding and submitting proposals that can be used by new and experienced faculty.
Developing Research Programs
    The links to the right provide information about developing and growing a research program beginning with a research idea, connecting with colleagues, securing funding, etc.
Interdisciplinary Research
    Organizations are funding more and more interdisciplinary research projects. Thus funding for individual researchers in “stovepiped” projects is getting increasingly difficult to obtain. The links to the right provide recommendations and guides for interdisciplinary research and  for creating and managing interdisciplinary research programs.
Guidance from ORCA
    The links to BYU’s ORCA site provide access to general  information about obtaining funding and writing proposals. ORCA also provides information (such as the project budget) that is required by BYU before a proposal can be submitted.
Guidance from the BYU Faculty Center
    Like BYU’s ORCA, the Faculty Center also provides general information about developing a research program, writing proposals, and obtaining  funds that BYU provides for research and proposal writing workshops. The links to the right provide access to the Faculty Center resources.
Other University Research Development Sites
    There are many Research Development-type websites created by other universities. For those who want to look at these other website, here are ones we have found most useful.