There are numerous funding opportunities from federal and state agencies, private foundations, and corporations. The websites below will help you search for these opportunities. The Research Development (RD) group can show you how to use the tools as part of a funding search strategy. We can also conduct a funding search tailored to your particular research interests. For RD support, go to Request a Funding Search, call Conrad Monson at (801) 422-7722, or send an email to

    PIVOT uses online search engines to access a large database of funding opportunities covering most academic disciplines, including federal and private funding sources. Use PIVOT to find opportunities by typing in keywords that reflect your research interests. can be used to find and apply for federal grants. provides information on over 1,000 grant programs that distribute approximately $500 billion in annual awards.
Foundation Directory Online
    The Foundation Center provides an online search tool that accesses an extensive database of US foundations and their funding histories. It does not list federal or state grant opportunities. For a current username and password, contact  ORCA.
Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE)
    One way to find funding opportunities is to see who has been funded in your area of research. Use JANE to identify both the researchers who publish in your area and the source of their funds. Just enter the title and/or abstract of a paper in the box, and click on ‘Find journals’, ‘Find authors’ or ‘Find Articles’. Jane will then compare your document to millions of documents in Medline to find the best matching journals, authors or articles. If you don’t have a title or abstract then you can also search using keywords search, (similar to searching with search engines).
    The links to the right provide access to other websites for finding funding opportunities. The Federal Biz Ops and Federal Register sites provide extensive lists of opportunities but without providing searching features like those available in PIVOT or
Automatic Updates of Funding Opportunities (email or RSS)