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What is the Office of Research Development?

The university-level Research Development Office (RDO) is under the Associate Academic Vice President (AAVP) for Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Larry Howell. The RDO supports faculty and students in their efforts to secure external research funding. The RDO manages the Interdisciplinary Research Origination Awards and various limited submission opportunities. The office also runs a range of grantsmanship development workshops as well as seminars with program officers from various funding agencies. The Director of Research Development also manages the Research Development Coordinating Council.

We are located in the McDonald Building. Find us here!

What Does the Research Development Office Do?

  • Facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations through research networking and the Interdisciplinary Research Origination Awards​
  • Connects external funders with BYU faculty​
  • Manages limited submission processes
  • Manages international funding opportunities (Fulbright Program)​
  • Strengthens grantsmanship skills through targeted workshops​
  • Manages the Research Development Coordinating Council​
  • Builds research culture across campus

What is the Research Development Coordinating Council?

The Research Development Coordinating Council is comprised of university-level and college-based Research Development Specialists. The council coordinates to facilitate and build a vibrant research culture on BYU campus. The Specialists work together on university-wide events, but each college-based RD Specialist can help faculty and students in their respective colleges with a variety of activities, some of which include:

What is the Research Development Coordinating Council?

  • Identifying funding sources
  • Editing and revising proposals
  • Aligning proposal components with funder requirements
  • Assistance in drafting some proposal components (i.e. Biosketch, budget forms)
  • Administrative support on proposals (Kuali submission assistance)
  • Disseminating information on Research Development seminars and events

Kristen Kellems, J.D.

Research Development Director
275 MCDB

Mandi Rolfe

Research Development Administrator
269 MCDB

Research Assistants
282 MCDB

Kristi Chase

Grant Development Specialist
College of Engineering
240M EB

Kaytlin Mangelson

Research Development Specialist
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
460M EB

Lael Thompson

Research Development Officer
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
268 MCDB

Michelle Prososki

Research Development Administrator
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
262 MCDB

Rita E. Cortez

Managing Director
BYU Language Flagship Center - Chinese & Arabic
3122 JKB

Erica Miller

Research Development Coordinator
Marriott School of Business
271 MCDB

Lisa Campbell, RN

Research Development Specialist
College of Nursing
262 MCDB

Tate Wilson

Grant Proposal Specialist/Research Development Officer
College of Life Sciences
5006 LSB

Brittany Freeze

Research Development Specialist
College of Family, Home, & Social Sciences
262 MCDB

Taunja Baxter

Grant Writer
Marketing and Communications
LDS Philanthropies

Steve Christensen

McKay School of Education Coordinator
201-C MCKB