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Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts
Campus Programs
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NSF Broader Impacts

In addition to activities that support STEM educational initiatives, Broader Impacts can include activities that promote participation of underrepresented groups in STEM; enhance infrastructure for research and education; improve understanding in science and technology; and benefit society in general.

Advancing Research in Society (ARIS)

The goal of ARIS is to create a community of practice that fosters the development of sustainable and scalable institutional capacity and engagement in broader impacts activity. For information on ARIS workshops on campus or to obtain a copy of the presentations, please contact


Broader Impact activities can also include involvement with BYU student clubs. The Student Connection and Leadership Center inspires BYU students to create lasting connections, foster an inclusive campus, cultivate skills and talents, and live with integrity.

BYU Y-Serve

Y-Serve's mission is to provide every student with a meaningful service opportunity, following our Guiding Principles of Safety, Respect, Meaning, Revelation, Selflessness and Reflection. In order to fulfill this mission, the Center offers over 70 community service programs.
Broader Impacts and Community Outreach at BYU

Museum of Paleontology

The BYU Museum of Paleontology was built in 1976 to prepare, display, and house the rock and dinosaur fossils collected by Dr. James A. Jensen and his crews.

Royden G. Derrick Planetarium

The Royden G. Derrick planetarium at BYU is located on the 4th floor of the Eyring Science Center on campus and is used primarily for holding university classes.

Chem Camp and Biochem Camp

Participate in real hands-on biochemistry and molecular biology experiments with close mentoring from BYU students and professors.

Math Camp

Five-day camp for middle school students and high school students. Math camp is run by Nathan Priddis, and classes will be taught by BYU faculty and students.

Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM)

The Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) provides funding for academic year undergraduate research groups throughout the United States.

BYU Discover STEM Fair

Our next Discover STEM event is on Saturday, March 9, 2024 from 9 am to 12 noon at the Wilkinson Center on BYU campus.

BYU Engineering Together

We work to foster an environment of belonging, unity, and respect for all. Engineering is a creative, collaborative endeavor where a variety of perspectives and talents enhance innovative solutions.

BYU Technology and Engineering Education (TEE)

The primary purpose of the program is to prepare men and women of sound character to teach technology and engineering in grades 6-12.


A three-day day camp for youth to experience hands-on science activities, especially related to the semiconductor (computer chip) industry

Youth Cybersecurity Summer Camps

A week-long series of learning activities designed to introduce students to various cybersecurity topics. They aim to make each workshop interesting and interactive.

Engineering for Global Development

An interdisciplinary practice that aims to improve the quality of life of underserved communities worldwide through the design and delivery of technology-based solutions combined with building of local capacity.

BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research

Supports and facilitates foundational discovery research leading to the development of more effective methods to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure cancer.

BYU Office of Civic Engagement

Provides students and faculty with the appropriate skills and meaningful opportunities to become engaged in their respective communities..

BYU Monte L. Bean Museum

Research collections of vascular and non vascular plants, invertebrate and vertebrate animals are maintained and made available to research scientists and educators.

BYU Neuroscience Center

The neuroscience program provides excellent interdisciplinary training in the classroom as well as experience in laboratory research settings and internships for both graduate and undergraduate students.

BYU Biology Outreach

Scientific progress is useful only when it contributes positively to the broader community. Work in the Kauwe Lab is focused on delivering the benefits of scientific progress in ways that help the lives of others.

BYU Acoustics Research

The goal of the ARG is to provide students with a broad education in acoustics, vibration, and signal analysis that consists of both theoretical and experimental training.

BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures

The Museum of Peoples and Cultures exists to serve the academic mission of BYU and care for the anthropological, archaeological, and ethnographic collections in the custody of the University.

BYU Charles Redd Center for Western Studies

Promotes the study of the Intermountain West by sponsoring research, publication, teaching, and public programs in a variety of academic disciplines.

Child and Family Studies Laboratories

The CFSL is a teacher-training facility for BYU students majoring in Early Childhood Education or Family and Consumer Science Education. This allows us to offer a preschool taught by a licensed master teacher and 3-4 BYU students.

BYU Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling

The Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling is the operational unit for the BYU-Public School Partnership, facilitating its goals and objectives.

BYU Arts Partnership

The mission of the BYU ARTS Partnership is to ensure that all children benefit from an education that provides for academic excellence, social confidence, and personal expression through experience with the arts.

The Ballard Center for Social Impact

We help students become active participants in solving the world’s most pressing social problems by matching students’ personal skills and interests with educational experiences that lead to a meaningful life of Doing Good. Better.

BYU Whitmore Global Business Center

The Whitmore Global Business Center provides the global education and training necessary for BYU Marriott students to take on the global market.

BYU Writing Camps

If you have dreams of writing epic novels, beautiful poetry, gripping short stories, insightful blogs, or entertaining plays, sign up for one of BYU’s popular writing camps!

BYU Museum of Art

The BYU Museum of Art supports the University’s mission by providing a space where art experiences inspire dialogue and connection with our campus, community, and the world.

BYU Jumpst(art)

Jumpst(art) is an intensive art program for budding artists in grades K-12 hosted by the art education program at BYU

BYU Dance Camps

Exceptional faculty from BYU's Department of Dance, along with world-renowned guest instructors, direct and teach our BYU Dance Camps!

BYU Musician's Institute

BYU offers three programs for talented musicians ages 14–18: BYU Musicians’ Institute followed by BYU Musicians’ SummerFestival.

Remix Vocal Academy

ReMix is a one-of-a-kind vocal camp designed to teach and inspire talented singers to further reach their potential in contemporary vocal music.

BYU Young Ambassadors Singing Entertainers

Young Ambassadors' Singing Entertainers Workshop is a week of intense, high-energy musical dance training with the BYU Young Ambassadors.

BYU Broadway Bootcamp

Broadway Bootcamp helps students perfect their performance skills and practice auditioning and will provide an immersive theatre experience:

BYU Sports Camps

BYU Athletics is committed to a long tradition of hosting world-class sports camps that offer athletic excellence and wholesome fun. With over 100 different camps and clinics available, BYU offers more sport camp choices than any other university in the country.

Center for Language Studies

The Center for Language Studies helps learners acquire the advanced language and cultural skills they need for their personal enrichment and for global careers in any of the University’s academic disciplines.

BYU Creative Works

The mission of the CWO is to commercialize creative works developed at the University. The priorities of the office are five-fold: Service, Liability Protection, Intellectual Property, the Academic Mission of BYU, and Revenue

Harold B. Lee Library

The HBLL aligns their strategies, resources, and programs to provide the best possible outcome for students and faculty, always in a manner that explicitly supports BYU’s unique mission to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life.

BYU MRI Research Facility

The structural and functional neuroimaging core is located at the BYU Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Laboratory (MRIRF) in the McDonald Building

BYU Microscopy Facility

The primary purpose of the Electron Microscopy Facility is to provide educational opportunities and training for BYU students, faculty, and staff in the theory and operation of scanning and transmission electron microscopes.

BYU Prototype Manufacturing Lab

The PML exists on the campus of BYU to provide product development, prototyping, design, fabrication, repair, 3D printing, machining and welding services to all departments within the BYU sphere.

Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer protects and commercializes technologies invented at BYU, and provides expertise in business relationships, negotiations, protection of intellectual property, marketing, license agreements, contracts, and entrepreneurship.

BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy

Provides extraordinary mentored-learning experiences for students learning the science and methods of family history research.

Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy

The Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy (CSED) at Brigham Young University is a nonpartisan academic research center seeking to increase knowledge about the practice of American democracy.