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Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts

In addition to activities that support STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) educational initiatives, Broader Impacts can include activities that promote participation of underrepresented groups in STEM; enhance infrastructure for research and education; improve understanding in science and technology; and benefit society in general. The links below provide information about writing Broader Impact statements.

Broader Impacts and Community Outreach at BYU

Many BYU campus programs are engaged in community outreach and broader impacts programs. Each entity listed below is willing to engage with faculty on BI initiatives. For a complete list of available outreach programs please contact

    Advancing Research in Society (ARIS)

    The goal of ARIS is to create a community of practice that fosters the development of sustainable and scalable institutional capacity and engagement in broader impacts activity. Research Development has had ARIS workshops on campus. For information about those workshops or to obtain a copy of the presentations, please contact

    BYU Campus Clubs

    Broader Impact activities can also include involvement with BYU student clubs. Other opportunities for Broader Impacts may be available by connecting with community organizations that have affiliated with BYU. Click on the links below for more information.