Experiences as NSF/TTP Director Seminar

November 18 | 12-1 pm | 270 MB | Lunch Provided | SIGN UP HERE

Dr. Jose Lage, Mechanical Engineering Professor at SMU, will be presenting on his experiences directing the Thermal Transport Processes (TTP) Program in the Engineering Directorate at the NSF. He will be discussing the NSF mandate (as opposed to “mission”), his interactions with the research community, internal/external role played by program directors, the current view of technology by Congress and what it represents for NSF/Engineering, program budget evolution and its relation to proposal submission, CAREER corruption, “open” submission window, golden evil review process, and how to strengthen the competitiveness of NSF research proposals.


Early Career Award Informational Seminar

November 5 | Presentation: 12-1 pm | Individual Meetings Following| 270 McDonald Building | Lunch Provided

Join us for a presentation from Monica Kessel, USU College of Engineering Grand Development Manager, to learn how to create a successful Early Career Award! Presentation will be followed by individual meetings.

More about Monica: As a Grant Development Manager at Utah State University, Monica has over 6 years of experience helping faculty develop successful proposals for major funders such as the NSF, Department of Energy, various Department of Defense agencies, NASA, NIH, and Department of Education among others. She has worked with faculty to develop unique and responsive proposals for their early career awards. Some recent awards include multiple NSF CAREERs, an NSF PECASE, and two ONR Young Investigator Program awards. She will share some common characteristics among the funders in Early Career opportunities, provide suggestions for organization and format, intellectual merit, broader impacts and will provide tips for time management and “early conversations” for developing an effective early-career proposal. For the discussion, the primary focus will be NSF CAREER proposals, but other opportunities will be discussed as well.
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration Workshop

This mini “Research Networking Event” is intended for faculty in non-STEM disciplines to find potential collaborators for interdisciplinary research. STEM faculty are welcome to attend, but presentation time will be reserved for non-STEM faculty.

Friday, November 22
11 am-1 pm
*270 McDonald Building

*Subject to change depending on registration numbers
Lunch will be provided

Please sign up if you want to attend AND/OR present
Presentation slides will be due 1 week before (November 15) the event to guarantee a spot. A template will be emailed to you after you sign up.


Collaboration Workshop